• Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Since success depends on self-discipline and responsibility, I will use a classroom discipline plan.  This allows each student the opportunity to make wise, positive choices in his or her behavior, which in turn will provide a positive learning environment for everyone.  Listed below are the classroom rules and consequences.


    Classroom Rules

    1.  I will listen and follow directions the first time I am asked.

    2.  I will raise my hand before I speak or before I leave my seat.

    3.  I will remember to always keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.

    4.  I will respect my classmates and my teacher.

    5.  I will follow all the rules as stated in the student handbook.



    I use a color-coded system to keep track of each child’s behavior.


    Green = Great Behavior All Day!

    Yellow = Warning

    Orange = Miss 5 minutes of recess 

    Red = Miss entire recess and note to parents

    Black = Miss entire recess and conference with parents and/or principal