• Homework Policies and Procedures

    My homework policy is really quite simple.  There is not a great deal of flexibility due to the fact that the students are given a clear designated time that homework is to be turned in. The students will also be given time during the school day to work on any homework they might have. My policy revolves around teaching students the importance of responsibility and accountability. 


    For any assignment that is not completed the day that it is due, it is the student's responsibility to get that assignment and/or assignments turned in before the end of the day for full credit.If the late/incomplete assignment is not turned in to me by the end of the day, it will be counted as a 0.  For each late/incomplete assignment, parents will be notified by letter or a note in the agenda which will need to be returned to me with a signature. This letter will also indicate whether their child successfully completed the assignment as well as which of the three methods listed below were used. Students may choose to utilize one or more of the following choices to complete the late work and turn it in at anytime throughout the day. 


    1.  During recess- will stay inside to finish if assignment is not completed by then- can go to recess when assignment is completed correctly  

    2.  Work on it at lunch- in the office or at a table 

    3.  Independent homework time that I give throughout the day after each subject 


    Even though many of the consequences come with taking time out of their lunch, recess, and classroom homework time to complete their incomplete work, I must put a cap on the number of times that this is tolerated without some form of more severe disciplinary action. Therefore, the 5th time that a student comes to school without his/her homework completed, a conference will be scheduled between the parents, child and myself.  Any more than 5 will result in another conference which will include the child, parents, myself and the principal. The student will have to be put on a homework completion plan which would be discussed at the conference. 


    Below is a list of questions that you may encounter throughout the school year.  Below each, I have answered each in detail to help you understand better what will be expected of your child this year.
    Q:  How will I know what my child has for homework each day and where can I find it?
    A:   Your child will be expected to copy their assignments from the board in their agenda each day.  For each assignment that they have completed and turned in, they are to put a checkmark in the designated area next to that assignment.  Any assignments that does not have a checkmark next to them are homework and need to be taken home to be completed and turned in the next day. Some students may circle any assignments that are homework.  I will initial each agenda at the end of the day.  Homework that needs to be completed will be placed in your child's homework folder on the side labeled "homework."
    Q:  What if I want to check all of my child's homework even if they complete it at school?
    A:  That is completely fine as long they are consistently bringing it back to school and turning it in each morning. Please write a note in your child's agenda if this is what you would like your child to do, so that I can make sure your child is taking his/her homework home each day.
    Q:  What time does homework have to be turned in so that it is not considered late?
    A:  All homework must be turned in by 9:00 each morning. Students have the rest of the day to complete the LATE homework. All LATE work is due a half an hour before the end of the school day before it is considered 0% F. 
    Q:  If my child is sick, (or has missed school for any other excused absence), how long will they have to make up the work that they missed?
    A:  Students will have as many days as they were absent to make up any missed work. For example, if your child missed 2 days of school, they would have 2 days to make up any missed work. If the student is struggling with completing the work on time, please contact Mrs. Kammer. 
    Q:  Who is qualified to sign my child's agenda if I am not available?
    A:  A parent/guardian is to sign their child's agenda each night. Please look at the assignments that we have covered each day.  This is a great communication tool that allows you to see what your child is learning. If a parent is not available, another trusted adult or older sibling may sign the agenda. Please notify Mrs. Kammer if someone else will be signing the agenda. 
    Q:  Where can I look for my child's graded papers so that I am aware of their weekly progress?
    A:  Students are responsible for getting all graded papers from their mailbox on a daily basis. Students will not be reminded to check their mailboxes. Mrs. Kammer discourages students from throwing away any notes or graded papers before taking them home so a parent can see them. 
Last Modified on July 24, 2017