• Name: Ms. Thurman
      Courses: Band, Choir
      Classroom: Band 304  / Choir 302
      Phone: 219-962-8531 ext. 8304
      Parents: Remember to check out Skyward. It's an easy way to monitor grades, attendance, and discipline. You can also sign up for notifications to be emailed daily or weekly. 
      Supply List (BAND)
      • Instrument (personal instrument, school-rented, or rented from Quinlan & Fabish)
      • Essential Elements method book - verify which book your student needs with Ms. Thurman before purchasing
      • Folder - supplied by the band department 
      • Pencils (no pens)
      • Reeds - students may purchase reeds directly from Ms. Thurman or Quinlan & Fabish 
      • Percussionists must have their own personal drumsticks and mallets 

      Q&F website with recommended supplies: 

      Supply List (CHOIR) 

      • Folder - supplied by the choir department 
      • Pencils (no pens) 
      Classroom Expectations: All music students at Edison are required to come to class on time with their materials and supplies in working condition. Students are held to a high standard of positive attitudes and behaviors. For more information regarding policies and expectations, please reference our band and choir handbooks or reach out to Ms. Thurman directly.