• Board of School Trustees

    The Board is an elected governmental body charged with the responsibility of providing educational programs to school age children who reside in the Lake Station Community Schools district.  The five (5) Board Members are state officials who live within the school corporation and are elected to serve four-year terms.  Three members are elected by district from Lake Station, two members are elected at-large from anywhere within the school district. 

    You can email the Board of School Trustees at: schoolboard@lakes.k12.in.us
     Larry Biggs

    Larry Biggs,  Board Member
    Current Term Began: 2021
    Current term Ends: 2024
    Original Term Began: 1994/2002
    District: At-Large

     Karen Curtis

    Karen Curtis,  Board Member
    Current Term Began: 2021
    Current term Ends: 2024
    Original Term Began: 2004
    District: 2nd

     Greg Tenorio

    Greg Tenorio,  Board President
    Current Term Began: 2019
    Current term Ends: 2022
    Original Term Began: 2010
    District: 3rd


    Open Position




     David Wright

    David Wright,  Board Secretary
    Current Term Began: 2020
    Current term Ends: 2022
    Original Term Began: 2020
    District: 1st


    School Board Meetings are normally the third (3rd) Wednesday of each month.  You can check the school calendar on the District Home page for exact meeting times and places.  Lake Station's Board of School Trustees participates in the Indiana School Boards Association and has been named an Exemplary Board each year since 2004. 

    Lake Station Community Schools
    Administration Center
    2500 Pike Street
    Lake Station, Indiana 46405-2258

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