• Lake Station Community Schools

    Visitor Check In & Out

    The safety of our students, staff, volunteers, and visitors is important to us.  Visitors, particularly parents, are welcomed at school.  A visitor management system known as SafeVisitor provides us another layer of school safety and security.  All visitors must report to the main entrance upon entering the school building.  SafeVisitor is a 30-45 second check-in process that includes a national criminal background check and prints a visitor badge.  Please be prepared to scan a valid government issued identification (Driver License, State ID, Military ID or Green Card) when arriving to campus as a visitor or volunteer.  The printed badge will be visible at all times while in the building.  If a person wishes to confer with any member of the school staff, he or she must call to schedule an appointment prior to coming to the school in order to ensure a mutually convenient meeting time.  Any visitor located in the building without a current pass will be reported to school administrators and security as trespassing on school property.


    Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

    Please click the following link for additional SafeVisitor information.
Last Modified on August 22, 2016