• Math Fact Practice


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    • First Grade Goal: Master Addition Facts 

    • Second Grade Goal: Maintain mastery of Addition & Now Master Subtraction Facts 

    • Third Grade Goal: Maintain mastery of Addition & Subtraction & Now Master Multiplication Facts

    • Fourth Grade Goal: Maintain mastery of Addition, Subtraction, & Multiplication Facts & Now Master Division Facts 

    • Fifth Grade Goal: Maintain mastery of All Facts




    Fun Ways to study:

    • Flash cards

    • Practice time tests

    • Interactive Websites

    • Oral quizzes (randomly ask your child addition questions while in the car, while cooking dinner, while on a walk)

    • Board games (before anyone can roll/spin/go in the board game you must first solve a fact)

    • Make your own flash cards

    • Make & Play a memory game (match a card with the problem to the card with the answer)

    • Practice the ones you haven't mastered yet on a whiteboard/chalkboard/paper

    • "Write" problems and answers with fingers in shaving cream, sand, playdough, etc





    Anymore suggestions for fun activities or interactive games/websites?
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