• Out-Of-District Student Enrollment Request for 2022-2023


     Please fill out the survey below if you wish to enroll a child in the Lake Station Community Schools, but live outside of our school district. We are accepting out-of-district student enrollment requests for the 2022-2023 School Year.   Request Forms are due by July 15, 2022. 

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    Out-of-District Enrollment Request Form


    Lake Station Community Schools is obligated to first enroll students who live in our school district.  We are currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year.  Out-of-District Enrollment Request Forms are due by July 15, 2022.  The school year begins August 17, 2022.   We plan to give decision notice by August 1, 2022, provided a complete application with supporting materials has been received.  We will not be able to inform you of whether your student has been approved until in-district school registration has been completed.  You will be notified if your child(ren) have been approved. You should not withdraw your child from his or her current school until you have been notified that your application has been approved.  No school bus transportation services are provided from home to school or school to home for Out-of-District students.


    Lake Station Community School Corporation accepts for enrollment students who do not live within the school corporation boundaries.  Please review the criteria for acceptance below.  



    The following criteria will be used for accepting transfer students.  A transfer student is one whose legal settlement is not within the boundaries of the Lake Station Community School Corporation. 

    1. Complete the Application for Transfer of Non-Resident Student and submit it with required documents to the Lake Station Community School Corporation Superintendent’s Office by July 15, 2022 for the 2022-2023 school year. 
    2. The following criteria will be used to determine the transfer request:
      1. The parent/guardian and student must provide transportation to and from the school.
      2. The parent/guardian and student shall agree to arrive on time and be picked up after school or immediately after a school-sponsored activity is over.
      3. A transfer request shall be denied based on one or more of the following:
        1. The student has been suspended or expelled for more than 10 days in the 12 months preceding the request for transfer.
        2. The student was suspended or expelled for possessing a firearm, deadly weapon, or destructive device in the preceding 12 months.
        3. The student was suspended or expelled for causing physical injury to a student, school employee, or visitor to the school.
        4. The student was suspended or expelled for violating a drug or alcohol rule.
        5. Admission cannot cause a class or section to become overcrowded or additional staff to be needed.
        6. The student has had a history of unexcused absences and based upon the location of the student's residence, attendance would be a problem for the student if the student is enrolled.
      4. Enrollment capacity will be a consideration whether the student will be admitted.
      5. A student may be accepted if his/her needs can be accommodated with current staffing and program offerings.
      6. Under no circumstances will a transfer student be accepted solely for athletic reasons.
    1. An interview may be scheduled with the student and the parents.
    2. Once a final determination is made, the parent/guardian will be notified.
    3. Capacity for each grade level in each building is determined annually. Consideration as to whether the student will be admitted, or a random drawing will take place will be based on capacity and the number of applicants.  A random drawing will take place in a public meeting when the number of eligible transfer applicants exceeds the capacity of the grade level. 
    4. Applications must be submitted by July 15, 2022. Applications received after July 15, 2022 will be considered as space is available on a first come, first served basis.
    5. Transfer students will not be eligible for academic awards such as valedictorian or salutatorian if they were not enrolled in the Lake Station Community School Corporation for all their junior and senior years.
    6. Lake Station Community School Corporation will not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicapping condition, including limited English proficiency, in its educational programs or employment policies as required by state and federal laws.


    Return documents to:

    Lake Station Community Schools
    Administration Center
    2500 Pike Street
    Lake Station, Indiana 46405-2258


    Have Questions? Call: (219) 962-1159