• Referendum Renewal Information

    Remember to vote on November 7, 2023!  

    Informational Meeting: November 2, 2023

    On November 2, 2023 at 6:00pm a public meeting was held in the Edison Jr. Sr. High School Community Room to discuss the facts of the 2023 Referendum Renewal on the November 7, 2023 Ballot. 


    • Dr. Tom Cripliver, Superintendent of Lake Station Community Schools
    • Sean McGill, Senior Manager of Baker Tilly

    Packet: https://www.lakes.k12.in.us/Nov3-InformationalPacket 
    Full Video: https://www.lakes.k12.in.us/Nov3-InformationalMeeting

    Video Chapter Quick Links:

        • 0:00:00 Opening Remarks
        • 0:03:28 2017 Referendum Usage
        • 0:11:04 2023 Operations Referendum Public Question Clarification
        • 0:14:24 Baker Tilly Presentation - Tax Explanation & Tax Bill Review
        • 0:32:07 Baker Tilly Presentation Continues - Tax Calculator Explanation
        • 0:38:12 What Happens if the 2023 Referendum Renewal Passes or fails?
        • 0:42:35 Referendum Renewal Revenue Spending Plan
        • 0:47:10 Public Questions & Comments
        • 0:59:07 Referendum Renewal Facts & Tax Calculator Website
        • 0:59:22 2017 Referendum Usage Spotlights


    More Information is available at:


    Renewal Overview

    On November 7, 2023, residents residing within the Lake Station Community Schools district will have the opportunity to continue their investment in our schools, students and our community by voting on a renewal of an operating referendum that the voters supported in 2017.

    On May 8, 2023, the Board of Trustees approved a resolution that formally approved the district’s Revenue Spending Plan (see details below) and initiated the process required to place the renewal of the 2017 operation referendum on the November ballot.

    If the referendum renewal is supported by local residents, the estimated $1.3 million in annual revenue raised will be used to retain and attract high quality educators, transportation, technology programs, and bolster safety and security at all our schools.

    The proposed referendum renewal will remain at a rate of $0.54 per $100 of assessed value (not market value) and will not result in a tax rate increase on the School Property Tax Levy portion of your property tax. Your property taxes will not increase if the renewal is approved by the community.


    Circuit Breaker Impact

    Since 2019, our schools have lost $5,055,264.98 due to uncollected tax money due to the circuit breaker.  Circuit breaker is a cap on property taxes. Anything owed above the cap is unpaid property taxes.  The current referendum approved in 2017 helps to make up for this, and we are asking to continue the referendum at the same amount that was asked for and voters approved in 2017.  No increase.