Indiana Learning Evaluation Assessment Readiness Network

    ILEARN with be a computer adaptive test given entirely online. 

    IDOE Informational Videos about ILEARN:

    IDOE Assessment Information:
    The website offers among other things:
    • Blueprints for what standards are represented on ILEARN
    • Released Items Respository for ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies
    • Training Videos
    • Parent and Educator information 

    Sites for Practice
    ILEARN Released Items Repository



    Overview: AIR and IDOE has released sample items for all types of questions that appear on the test including: released items (multiple choice and technology enhanced) and the new Performance Tasks. 

    How to Log in: No username/password is needed. Choose your grade level, can also choose accomodations that the student would normally receive, and then can begin working through the sample questions.


    DESMOS Calculators

    View the IDOE Calculatory Policy for ILEARN 2021-2022 coming soon.

    • Grades 3-5 will not be allowed to use any calculator at any point on ILEARN.
    • Grade 6 will have access to the Desmos 4 function calculator on some ILEARN questions. 
    • Grade 7-8 will have access to the Desmos scientific calculator on some ILEARN questions.
    • Science/Biology: no calculator is allowed at any grade level

    View the IDOE Desmos memo for samples, activities and more information on the Desmos calculator.