• COVID-19 Information

    Up to date information about the COVID-19 Pandemic can be found on the Indiana Department of Health Website: https://www.coronavirus.in.gov/ 


    FREE COVID-19 Testing for LSCS Students

     Lake Station Community Schools takes the health and safety of our students and their families very seriously. As such, in addition to our current mitigation strategies already in place, we are now helping families by providing free and quick access to COVID-19 testing as a critical service the Lake Station Community Schools Health Services team can offer.  LSCS Health Services has the capability to test LSCS students for COVID-19 for free using the COVID-19 AG Card rapid test.  

    If you would like for your child to have the ability to be tested for COVID-19 at Lake Station Community Schools during the 2021-2022 school year, then you will need to complete the “Covid-19 Testing Permission” form online in Skyward.   The Lake Station Community Schools Health Services team cannot administer the COVID-19 test for students without this permission from parents/guardians.  


    To complete the “COVID-19 Permission for Testing” form online in Skyward” follow these quick steps:

    1. Visit our Lake Station Community Schools Website:

    2. Click on “Skyward” in the Popular links menu
      Skyward Popular Links Icon
    3. Log in to Skyward with your parent/guardian credentials.
    4. Click on “Online Forms” in the left navigation menu.
      Tech Tip: If you cannot see the left navigation menu, you may have to click the + sign to expand the menu.
    5. Click on the Online Form “COVID-19 Testing Permission” to complete it.
    6. Important: Be sure to submit the form on step 2.

    You will have to complete the form for each child that you wish to grant COVID-19 Testing Permission to LSCS.

    If you have any questions about this free service, please reach out to our LSCS Health Services Team.

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Pavlinac RN, BSN
    219-962-8531 ext. 4602 or 2008


    Additional COVID-19 Testing Centers:

    Link to COVID-19 testing site search by zip code appointments:


Last Modified on September 16, 2021