• Bailey Elementary School Library
    Librarian: Pam Robb
    Students attend Library classes once a week. 
    • Kindergarten students do not check out books.
    • First grade students check out one book per week.
    • Grades 2-5 are able to check out 2 books per week. 


    Checking Out Books

    • Students must return their books after one week or they may renew their books if they have not finished reading them. 
    • Please bring books back to the library even if you are renewing them. They need to be scanned in the computer so late notices will not be printed. 


    Damaged Books

    • If books are damaged or lost, the student will be charged a replacement fee depending on the cost of the book.
    • All fees must be paid by the end of the school year. 
    • If students lose or damange more that 2 books, they will not be allowed to check out more books until the replacement fees are paid. 
    • Please keep books in a safe place when not reading them.

    AR Information

    Each student in grades 2-6 are required to read and pass computerized tests on 2 AR book quizzes per grading period. Each grading period students will take a STAR Reading Assessment. This test determines their Lexile score. Each student then receives a list of books with tests according to their grade level and Lexile score. They are able to take tests during library and computer lab or whenever they have free time.
    Students are rewarded for their reading with AR necklaces and book charms which are given to them when they are in library. The awards are as follows:
    Tests Passed                Award Given
    2 books                         necklace and charm
    5 books                         mini medal
    10 books                       bookworm
    15 books                       AWESOME medal
    25 books                       outstanding acheivement
    35 books                       star reader
    50 books                       smiley face
    60 books                       trophy charm
    *Top 5 readers in each class earn a Reading Ribbon at the end of each grading period.
    Grades 3-5 Top 5 AR Readers at Year End:
    To encourage reading and challenge students, the top 5 readers from grades 3-5 will be rewarded with a field trip to Portage I-Max at the end of the school year. The five students in each class with a combination of most tests passed, words read, and points earned win the trip. The contest begins at the beginning of the school year and ends in May. Good Luck to all students!
    KG & 1st Grade  & AR:
    First graders will be given the STAR Early Literacy Assessment, but are not required to pass AR quizzes like the other grade levels. When the STAR Early Literacy Assessment results indicate that they are ready for reading comprehension they will be encouraged to read and take tests on books at their level.
    Kindergarten students are learning basic library skills and rules so they will be ready to check books out next year!
    No matter what the age of your child, reading is the key to succeed!
    Happy Reading!
    Mrs. Robb
Last Modified on August 17, 2023