Student Websites
    Here is a list of some fun, educational, and safe websites for your child to visit and explore!
    Raz-Kids  www.raz-kids.com
    Fun Brain  www.funbrain.com Play games while practicing reading and math skills.
    PBS Kids www.pbskids.org Hang out with your favorite characters all while learning.
    Star Fall www.starfall.com Practice your phonics skills with these read along stories.
    Storyline Online www.storylineoneline.net Have some of your favorite stories read to you by movie stars!
    Highlights Kids www.highlightskids.com Read, play games, and conduct cool science experiments!
    Seussville www.seussville.com Read, play games, and hang out with Dr. Seuss and his friends.
     Nat Geo for Kids www.kids.nationalgeographic.com Learn all about geography and fascinating animals.
    Switcheroo Zoo www.switcheroozoo.com Watch, listen, and play games to learn all about amazing animals.
    ABC Ya www.abcya.com Practice math and reading skills all while playing fun games.
Last Modified on July 17, 2018