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    Get Ready!!

    1. Establish a bedtime and wake-up schedule. Get plenty of sleep.

    2. Pick out clothes and organize backpack each night before school. Avoid the morning rush.
    3. Eat a good breakfast at home or school.

    4. Discuss your school drop off and pick up procedures. Start a routine on the 1st day of school and stick to it. Children become anxious with last minute changes. Always send a note or phone the main office to let us know of any pick up changes.

    5. Practice needed skills:
        *  writing and name the letters in your first name
        *  button and unbutton, zip and unzip                                                          
        *  tie shoes or tuck in laces
        *  know your left & right
        * learn your phone number, address, birthdate
        * count to 10 
        * know how to say your full name (loud and proud)


Last Modified on April 6, 2021