• Computer Lab Rules

    Ø  Students are not permitted in the computer lab by themselves for any reason. A staff member must always be present with any student.

    Ø  No food or drink is allowed in the lab ever.

    Ø  All three lab doors should be shut at all times, especially in the warmer months when the air conditioning is on so the equipment will stay cool.

    Ø  Turn off all speakers when finished using them.

    Ø  Do not turn off any computer or monitor.

    Ø  School computers, printers and other technology are to be used for school purposes only.

    Ø  When your class is done please log off all computers.

    Ø  If your class is the last to use the lab on Fridays, shut down all computers.

    Ø  All work should be saved in your classroom folder on the Bailey drive.

    Ø  Report any broken equipment or errors to Mrs. Kammer through email.

    Ø  Color printing should only be used for creating classroom tools. Use it sparingly.
    Ø  Do not store your supplies in the lab.
    Ø  Remember to check the counter for your printed documents - it will be cleared every Friday.
    Ø  Sign up for any extra lab time on the sheet over the sink.
    Ø  Treat the equipment well so it will last.