• Upcoming Tests and Quizzes
    Reading Tests- every Friday
    Students are allowed to use their textbooks on the essay question. The essay questions are located at the end of every story in the Think Critically questions. It is the last question. Students can practice writing their essays all week long. They are able to staple their final essay draft to the back of the test on Friday.  All reading tests are taken online on pearsonsuccessnet.com. 
    Spelling Tests- every Friday
    Every week the students get a spelling list at the beginning of the week to put in their binder or folder. There are two challenge words that are used as bonus words that can count towards their total score. The students will take the test using Spellingcity.com/jkammer Tests are listed by the name of the reading story that week. Students can take the test as many times as they like. Final test has to be turned in by Friday for a score. 
    Math Fact Timed Tests- every other Friday
    Please make sure your child is studying their math facts. We will be starting on addition. Students have 4 minutes to complete 100 math facts. If a student gets 100 correct, that student advances to the next math fact test. A student needs to get 95% or higher correct twice in a row in order to advance to the next fact test. Students are rewarded for passing the tests. 
    States Location Quiz- every Friday
    The 5th grade students need to be able to identify all 50 states on a map as part of the social studies standards. Students are given blank maps with a word bank of the state names to study. They can also use their agendas or Social Studies textbooks. The first round students will have to locate and correctly identify 10 states then 20, 30, 40, and finally 50. Each week the students will be quizzed and a states quiz score will be recorded as part of their Social Studies grade. Please make sure your child is studying their states.
    States and Capitals Quiz- every Friday after State Location Quizzes are complete
    Once majority of the students have passed the States Location Quizzes we will move on to memorizing the states and capitals. The quizzes will be set up the same way as the states location quizzes. The students will have to correctly name the state and its capital for 10,20,30,40, and 50 states. These quiz scores will be recorded as part of their Social Studies grade. We will be making flash cards to the students study.  
    Star Testing - once every nine weeks 
    We will take a Star Reading and Math test once every nine weeks. The Star test is a reading test that measures a student's reading ability or lexile level. At 5th grade all students should be reading at or around a 700 lexile level. By the end of the year they should test at 900 lexile level. The Star Math and Reading tests will also predict whether the student will pass ISTEP testing. 
    ISTEP+ Testing - TBA
    More information to come at a later date. Testing schedules will be sent home the week before testing. 
Last Modified on April 20, 2018