• Success Time


    Bailey Elementary School is now participating in the "8-Steps Process" to help improve student skills and state  scores.   Part of this process includes daily "Success Time." During this time, every student at Bailey will receive small group instruction on either Math or Language Art standards that the child needs work on.  Success Time is grouped in 3 week sessions that remediate specific standards based upon what has already been taught during regular daily class instruction.
    8 Steps Process Goals:
    • To increase student achievement as reflected by the Indiana State assessment instrument. 
    • To close the gap in student achivement scores between student groups.
    • To provide both excellence and equity in the cohort schools through system change. 


    The Eight Steps:

    STEP 1: Data Disaggregation

    STEP 2: Calendar Developement

    STEP 3: Instructional Focus

    STEP 4: Assessment

    STEP 5: Tutorials

    STEP 6: Enrichment

    STEP 7: Maintenance

    STEP 8: Monitoring



Last Modified on November 9, 2017