•  These are your child's sight words that they will need to know by the end of the school year. In our classroom we will refer to them as our "star words". Please practice these words with your child EVERY night.  

    1.1- the, red

    1.2- a, blue

    1.3- see, yellow

    1.4- I, purple

    2.1- by, my, to, orange

    2.2- am, go, black

    2.3- no, is, green

    2.4- you, brown

    2nd quarter sight/star words

    3.1- he, she, white

    3.2- put, pink

    3.3- me, gray, one

    3.4- good, very, two

    4.1- here, of, three

    4.2- are, was, four

    4.3- be, do, five

    4.4- look, want, six

    5.1- for, her, seven

    3rd quarter sight/star words

    5.2- they, too, eight

    5.3- have, some, we, nine

    5.4- or, where, ten

    6.1- come, our

    6.2- said, down, so

    6.3- what, were

    6.4- could, now

    7.1- who, your

    7.2- know, out

    4th quarter sight/star words

    7.3- many, right

    7.4- why, would

    8.1- all, into

    8.2- about, because, play

    8.3- again, how


Last Modified on February 20, 2024