• Classroom Procedures

    All homework is to be turned into the homework trays by 9:00 or it is considered late. Students have until the end of the day to turn in their late homework. Any homework completed the day it is assigned can be turned in early. If you would like your child to bring home all class work please write a note in the agenda. A student will lose 5 points if their name is not on the top of their homework.
    Homework Consequences: Please see the Homework Policy
    Homework Rewards: If a student has gone the entire nine week grading period without a late homework notice or missing assignment I will reward that student.
     Agenda Books
     Every day the agenda book needs to be filled out with the day's homework assignments. If the homework assignment was completed early, it will be checked off. If the agenda is not filled out completely and checked off, the student will lose 5 minutes of recess. The agenda book needs to be signed by a parent and returned to school the following day. The first time the agenda book is not signed, the students gets a "freebie". They only get one "freebie" for the whole year. The next time the agenda is not signed they stay in for the whole recess. After the third time the agenda is not signed, a parent will be contacted and the principal notified. 
     A's on Tests
    I have a prize box for the students who get an A on any tests. This is only for tests not homework or quizzes. Spelling tests do not count. Each time a student gets a A on a test they can pick from the prize box. The following passes are in the prize box: no homework, one free late assignment, couch/futon for the day, one pop/candy bar, extra computer time, change your seat for a day, work with a partner for a day, get out of jail or recess free, and many more.
    Behavior Jar
    Students can earn coupons from the behavior jar for good behavior, completing homework, improving on work, good deeds, good sub report, random acts of kindness, game rewards, and etc. Behavior jar picks are at the teacher's discretion. Behavior coupons can be used when teacher allows. No coupons are allowed when there is a substitute teacher present. 
    The students can choose to write in either cursive or print, whatever they are more comfortable with. The final test is on Friday. If you get all of the words correct on Wed. you do not have to take the test on Friday. Each week there are two bonus words, that can count as extra credit. We will do the following activities: 5 times each, worksheets, word searches, word scrambles, SpellingCity.com, spelling bee, and many others.
    All math assignments need to be done in pencil only. We will do a math lesson everyday. We will also take math notes. It is important that all work is shown in order to receive full credit. All work should be shown on the math squares sheet in order to receive full credit for the assignment. 
    We will start a new story every Monday. On Monday's students should take their reading books home to read the story and to do their vocabulary packet. Tuesdays we will sometimes take a short quiz over the reading and read the story aloud together as a class. Wednesdays we will work on the reading skill for the week. Thursdays we will listen to the story and do a reading packet. Fridays the students take the reading test.
    We will be integrating our Writing lessons with our Grammar lessons. We will be following the 6+1 Traits of writing. The students will be learning the different parts of speech such as verbs, nouns, adverbs, and adjectives. There will be at least four major writing papers throughout the year. We will do weekly writing prompts. 
    Social Studies
    We will be studying U.S. History. We will focus most of our time on Social Studies because it is on the ISTEP+ test. We will make foldables and take a large amount of notes for each chapter. The students are allowed to use their notes on the test, and they can also receive extra credit for having completed notes. Notes will be printed off for Mrs. Burton's students. The students will do a Native American project, 13 Colonies project, and a State Project.
    The first semester we will focus on Health. Ms. Mackey will come in once a week to teach self esteem and bullying lessons for the first nine weeks. The second semester we will do Science. Our one and only field trip is to the Challenger Learning Center. The students will learn about the Moon.



Last Modified on July 24, 2017