• Classroom Rules

    In Mrs. Yorek’s classroom learning is our priority.  We have classroom rules in order to stay on task and keep learning. Our classroom rules are:


     Listen when others are talking.

    Follow Directions

    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    Work quietly and do not disturb others.

    Show respect for school and personal property.

    Work and play in a safe manner. 

    Behavior Chart

    In our class we will use a chart system to track behavior.  Please read below to see what each level means.


    Green: Everyone starts the day on green every day.  Most days children will be on green the entire day.  Please note that being on green is not a negative thing.

    Yellow:  This level is reached when a child makes a bad choice.  I will give him/her a warning first and then if the student continues to make poor choices, he/she moves down to this level.  If a child reaches this level they will miss 5 minutes of recess.

    Red: If bad choices continue to be made, the child moves down to this level. If a child reaches this level they will miss 10 minutes of their recess.

    Blue: If a child continues to make bad choices, he/she will move down to blue and lose all of their recess. This means that the child will receive a discipline referral. The discipline referral will be sent home and should be signed and returned.

    1st discipline referral- Just sent home to inform parent of a behavior concern

    2nd discipline referral- A call home will be made and/or a conference will be scheduled to discuss the behavior concerns

    3rd discipline referral- The child will be sent to the principal’s office

Last Modified on July 22, 2021