Thomas A. Edison Jr. Sr. High School Dress Code Policy



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    It is the objective of the Board of School Trustees to maintain a positive school climate in which all students have an equal opportunity to learn. Lake Station Community School students can earn the respect of all by exhibiting good manners, a wholesome appearance, and a business-like attitude toward scholastic achievement. Students’ dress and grooming must be appropriate to the educational atmosphere.  It must not disrupt the educational process, interfere with the maintenance of a positive teaching/learning climate or compromise reasonable standards of health, safety and decency. Any student whose appearance diminishes or detracts from the educational atmosphere within the school will be denied access to class until such time as appropriate changes have been made. Students who dress inappropriately will not be allowed to participate in or attend school sponsored activities. Realizing that dress, appearance, and grooming styles change continually, the principal and assistant principal reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of any form of attire. The determination will be based on whether a student’s dress, appearance, and grooming may create health problems, sanitation problems, threats to the safety of others, or if the student’s dress causes a disruption of a part of the student population, thereby affecting the educational function of the school. Students at Edison Junior/Senior High School are expected to present themselves as representatives of the school when in attendance at any school function as a spectator; students who are inappropriately dressed will be required to leave the activity.


    A. Uniformity of Color Dress Policy:

    The Uniformity of Color, which students must wear, is defined as follows:

    1.  POLO OR COLLARED BUTTON DOWN SHIRTSOnly polo or collared button down style shirts may be worn.  The shirt must have sleeves, a collar and buttons.  All shirts must be buttoned high enough so that there is no visible chest or cleavage.  Shirts may be either short or long sleeved.  Students will have a choice of solid colors: white, red, black, or grayAny visible undershirt must be uniformity of color:  solids of white, red, black or gray.  Shirts displaying “Lake Station”, “Eagles”, or “Edison” are permitted on Fridays only. Apparel must cover back, chest, shoulders, underarms, midriff and undergarments at all times. 

    2.  SWEATERS/SWEATSHIRTS/LIGHTWEIGHT JACKETS/FLEECE JACKETS (NO HOODIES) – Sweaters/sweatshirts/lightweight jackets/fleece jackets that are solid in color: white, red, black, or gray only are permitted; the collar of the polo style or button down shirt must be clearly visible. Cardigan, v-neck or crew neck styles are permitted, over a polo/collared button down shirt. Sweatshirts displaying “Lake Station”, “Eagles”, or “Edison” are permitted on Fridays only (NO HOODIES). 

    3.  PANTS/SLACKS/SHORTS – Uniform style pants, slacks or shorts must be solid tan, black, red, gray, or traditional blue/black jeans. This attire must be free of excessive zippers and/or pockets, and must fit at the waist. Spandex pants, stretch material, sweatpants material or joggers are not permitted. Pants with holes, tears, or shredding are not allowed. Shorts must be no shorter than three inches above the knee.

    4.  SKIRTS/JUMPERS/DRESSES – Uniform style skirts, jumpers, and dresses must be free of excessive zippers and or pockets. Skirts, jumpers, and polo-style dresses must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Spandex skirts are not permitted. Uniform style skirts, jumpers and dresses must be solid tan, black, red, gray, or denim blue/black.

    5.  SHOES – Students may wear any shoes with hard soles; they should have laces if applicable and the laces must match. Footwear must be appropriate for school activity.  Slippers of any kind, even with hard soles, are not permitted. 

    6.  NO PURSES/BACKPACKS – Small drawstring bags may be carried to class only.  Purses may be carried inside the drawstring bag.


    B.  General Dress Guidelines:  

    1.  Students should not wear anything that implicitly or explicitly sends a message with respect to sex, nudity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vulgarities, profanity, guns, weapons, violence, criminal activity, negative social or negative educational statements. Tattoos or body art that violate this provision must be covered up while the student is present on school grounds, or at school activities or functions.

    2. All clothing must be in good condition. No articles of clothing with holes or tears are allowed.

    3. All clothing must fit properly. Extremes in tightness of dresses, shirts, pants, shorts, or tops are not allowed.  No sagging is allowed.  Sagging defined: no student’s skin, underwear, gym shorts, or any other garment worn under his or her pants or shorts should be exposed due to the sagging of pants or shorts, even if a student is bending over or sitting. 

    4. Winter coats and hooded jackets/sweatshirts are not allowed to be worn in the classroom, and should be stored in the student’s locker.

    5. No inside out clothing of any kind will be allowed.

    6. Students may not wear any apparel that could cause danger to students or damage to any school property, including, but not limited to, clothing with rivets, accessories such as chains, ropes and spiked jewelry, shoes/boots with heel/toe plates, etc. Accessories such as hats, sweat bands, combs/picks, bandanas, sunglasses, scarves, pins and heavy chains will not be permitted. No chains, chained wallets or chained belts, studded bracelets or collars are allowed.  Any insignia, ornament, jewelry, etc., that promotes gangs or identifies an organization dedicated to the mistreatment of a minority, religious or racial group will be confiscated.

    7. Two body piercings (other than the ears) are permitted; however, they must be small studs or plastic retainers that are in place prior to the beginning of the school day.

    8. A student’s hair must not interfere with the educational process; hair should be odor-free and clean. The school administrators deem the right to have any student with extreme hair color/style correct the issue before returning to school, at the cost of the parent.

    9. Eagle spirit days will be selected by the Administration.  Only Edison attire may be worn on these designated days. 

    10. Dress guidelines are subject to change/revision as the administration deems necessary.

    11. All dress code guidelines will apply to summer school.


    Please remember the following test to determine if the clothing you are purchasing for school meets dress code standards.  If your clothing fails to pass any of the tests statements listed below, then don’t wear it—select clothing that is appropriate.

    • pinch an inch of fabric without stretching the material to be sure that your clothing is not too tight
    • bend over to be sure that no cleavage shows and one cannot see down your shirt or dress
    • raise your arms over your head to be sure that no skin shows in/on your midriff
    • sit in a chair and lean forward to be sure that no skin shows on your backside
    • look at yourself in the mirror and be sure that you cannot see through your clothing or see the impression of your undergarments (the color or shape of your undergarments must not be seen)
    • if there is any question about an item being inappropriate, do not wear it


    FRIDAY SPIRITWEAR DAYS:  Students may wear Lake Station Edison spritwear shirts and sweatshirts (NO HOODIES) every Friday.  



    Violation of the dress code policy may result in the following:
    • 1st Infraction: 30 Minute Detention
    • 2nd Infraction: 1 Hour Detention
    • 3rd Infraction: 2 Hour Detention
    • 4th Infraction: Out of School Suspension
    • 5th Infraction: 10 Day suspension with recommendation for Expulsion
Last Modified on January 7, 2019