• Alternative Program

    Mission Statement

    To provide students a positive and meaningful academic alternative opportunity to the traditional school setting.



    The alternative program provides a self-paced curriculum, utilizing technology to remediate and acceleration when mastery is demonstrated. The learning environment is designed to ensure student growth, assisting students toward mastery of Academic Standards, which will lead to graduation. It allows high school students to obtain credit to maintain their status with their cohort.



    Increase percentage of eligible seniors to graduate; students in the program being promoted to next grade level will increase; improve scale scores on Eng/LA and Math portions of ISTEP/ILEARN/ASVAB; Graduation rate will increase for corporation.



    Attendance rate will meet or exceed school attendance rate; decrease number of suspensions in the high school; decrease the number of expulsions in school corporation; decrease number of drop outs at the high school.



    Have 50% or more of students complete a job, internship or service learning project while in the alternative education program. Employer or supervisor must complete the work verification form and two evaluations during semester in order for student to earn credit, while in one of these programs. In lieu of any of the above, the student may elect to attend the respective area career center to pursue training for a particular career path. This allows the student to acquire additional credits along with credits earned in the program.


    Eligible Students Served

    The focus is on those students who have been disruptive in the classroom, are lacking credits and/or need alternative approaches to learning. All applications will be reviewed individually to assure the alternative program provides the students an opportunity for success. Below are examples of the criteria to qualify for eligibility:

    • Student intends to withdraw or has withdrawn before graduation.
    • Student has failed to comply with a traditional academic setting and would benefit from an alternative approach.
    • Student would be more productive in a different educational setting from the traditional school setting.
    • Student is a parent or expectant parent.



    Number of classes to be determined. Software is aligned to state standards, Core 40 courses are available; to be delivered through Edmentum software. Student must maintain a passing grade and have 100% completion to receive credit.



    One director/facilitator (must hold a vaild Indiana teachers license), one aide and one full-time behavioral specialist.



    Will follow Edison's Student Conduct Codes with addition of specific policies related to the program.



    Parents/Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the program.


    Grades Served

    6th - 12th graders are eligible for the program.


    Individual Service Plans

    Will be developed for individual student and reviewed/updated on an annual basis.



    Will follow host school calendar.

Last Modified on March 9, 2020