Name: Christina Elizondo
    Subject: Mathematics - Algebra 1
    Classroom: 119
    Extension: 1190
      Math is FUN!!
    Classroom Guidelines
    Supplies: Please bring pencils, paper, your agenda book (handbook), and a folder to class every day


    Assignments: Assignments must be turned in at the beginning of the hour.  Assignments will be accepted the next day for ½ credit. 


    Grading Policy:  Homework and Classwork is usually worth 10 points.  Test/quizzes are usually worth 10-40 points.  MAKE SURE TO CHECK SKYWARD FOR AN UPDATE ON YOUR CHILD'S GRADE!


    Classroom Manners:  Be RESPECTFUL to yourself, your classmates, your teacher, as well as substitute teachers. Please remain seated at all times, unless granted permission otherwise.  All school guidelines as outlined in the student handbook apply within this classroom.