• Welcome to the Edison Band Department
             The Edison Band Department is made up of four bands that perform throughout the school year. Beginning band starts in 6th grade where the basics of band are learned. Edison then has a 7th and an 8th grade band where the students work hard to learn the skills needed to join the Edison Senior High Band in 9th Grade. Edison Band Members strive for excellence in not only music, but their daily lives as well. Each band member is committed to being a serving member of our school and the Lake Station Community.

    Students who are involved in band will come away with a well-rounded music experience. We will learn things like proper playing technique, different styles of music, music terminology and theory, as well as many other music related elements. Students will have various performance opportunities throughout the year. These performances are considered the pinnacle of what we are learning in class and are a great opportunity for the students to show off what they have been working on. Performances will include our quarterly concerts, marching band at football games (High School Only), community concerts and solo ensemble opportunities. We also offer jazz band through the school as an extra curricular ensemble.

                Participation is the key element of any music performing group. Edison Bands are no exception to this. Students must come to school prepared to play every day. This means students should be practicing every day after school on their own to prepare for the next day. Students can easily reinforce concepts learned in the classroom by going home and practicing the exercise to make sure that they understand what was taught in class that day. This is true for any academic class, but in band consider that every instrument has a different set of notes to play, with different fingerings, for each song! That is a lot to learn and will be hard to do so if students only rely upon class time. Practice outside of class is expected of all students so that class time can be spent on teaching technique and putting all of the parts together rather than working on individual parts that should have been practiced at home. About 20-30 minutes a day will allow students to have no trouble getting their band music and scales down.
Last Modified on November 19, 2018