• Supply List for all classes:

       Binder or Folder
       Pen or Pencil   

    Classroom Rules and Expectations:

    The purpose of each course is to further the student’s development of English skills in reading and writing through critical reading, vocabulary, and writing instruction.


    Grading policy:

                Grades for each course are based on homework, quizzes, tests, and writing assignments.

                Late work will be accepted within one day of the original due date with the loss of one letter grade. Grades can be accessed through Skyward.



                In the case of absence, each student is responsible for make-up work being completed within the same number of days as the absence. Individual arrangements must be made to take tests and quizzes.


    Expectations and Requirements:

    -         a notebook, binder, and/or folder containing paper

    -         books, paper, and writing utensils should be brought to every class

    -         tardies, absences, passes will all be handled according to the policies outlined in the student handbook

    -         respect yourself, your classmates, and the teacher


    The teacher reserves the right to change policies and requirements as needed to assist students in the learning environment.