• Mme Dokich

    Mme Dokich


    Room 208

    219-962-8531 (ext. 2080)

    I can also be contacted through Skyward by clicking on my name in your student's Gradebook.


    Bonjour et Hello!


    I am looking forward to this year and cannot wait to get started.  This is my eigth year teaching at Lake Station Schools and my thirteenth year teaching overall.  I first fell in love with the French language in the fourth grade.  After my very first French class, I came home and told my mother that when I grew up I would live in France and teach French.  I accomplished the first part of that goal in 2003 when I did a year studying abroad in Lille, France.  After graduating from Ball State University in 2005 with a major in French and a Minor in English, I went on to Purdue University Calumet to complete my teaching degree.  I have been teaching French ever since and love it.

    I believe that learning a new language is a skill, just like knitting or fishing, and I approach my classes with this in mind.  Students will be learning through the process of TPR, or Total Physical Response Storytelling.  This method combines physical action with story-telling and repetition for a more active, engaging class that teaches a second or third language much like the student learned their first language.  We will also be incorporating Google Classroom into our traditional learning to give students access to direct, authentic French cultural experiences.  

    I look forward to a busy, and successful year.  

     Mme Dokich 

  • French Class Supplies

    1. Writing Utensil (Pencil or Blue or Black Ink Pen)

    2. Loose-leaf Paper (College Ruled)

    3. Notebook

    4. Home access to Google Classroom

    5. Headphones with a microphone

    Suggested, not required:

    1. Set of highlighers (if you are purchasing highlighters for another class, they may be used for our classes as well)



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