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    Madame Edmaiston


     Room 222

    219-962-8531 (ext. 2220)

    I can also be contacted through Skyward by clicking on my name in your student's Gradebook.


    Bonjour et Hello!


    I am looking forward to this year and cannot wait to get started.  This is my second year teaching and as an Edison graduate, I am so excited to be at school that taught me.  I am hoping to continue to expand our school's French department and excite students about learning the French language, as well as giving them opportunities to utilize the language via field trips, lots of interactive activities, and more. 

    I believe that learning a new language is a skill, just like knitting or fishing, and I approach my classes with this in mind. We will also be incorporating Google Classroom into our traditional learning to give students access to direct, authentic French cultural experiences.  

    I look forward to a busy, and successful year.  


     Madame Edmaiston