Mrs. Thompson's
    Class Rules and Information




    1. All students are expected to be in the room and in their seats when the bell rings and remain in seat unless given permission to move around. (on lab days follow lab procedure)
    2. All students are expected to come to class prepared (handbook, text, paper etc.)
    3. Do not disrupt class or not talk without permission.
    4. Keep hands, feet and objects to self.
    5. All class work is expected to be completed on time.
    6. No cell phones or electronic devices are allowed during class time.
    7. All rules in their agenda also apply.
    8. No food or beverages other than water are allowed in class.
    9. No cell phones during lessons.  Cell phones may be used while working on assignments.


    If a student is absent, it is THEIR responsibility to ask for any assignments that may be missing and to complete them in a reasonable length of time.  If work is not completed on time, 5 points will be subtracted daily.




         Homework is worth 25 points
         Journals are worth 25 points

         Tests are worth 100 points

         Labs are worth 100 points
         Projects vary in point values from 25-250 points

         Final exam will be 20 percent of grade




    All assignments will be given on Monday (or the first day of that week) and will be due on the following Monday (or the first day of that week).  Assignments may be turned in as they are completed. Time will be provided in class to work on assignments so that there is no homework.  All work will be posted on Google Classroom, but may also be done on paper.  Absent students must talk to the teacher about any missing work.