• The Fashion and Textiles program prepares students of occupations and higher education programs of studey related to the entire spectrum of careers in the fashion industry.  Students may need to select this pathway and complete a minimum of 6 hours to graduate if they do not pass the ASVAB, SAT, or ACT.

    This course begins with 9th grade with the foundation for all of the aspects of the fashion creation process.  Principles of Tashion and Textiles will include:  Basic clothing construction techniques, pattern alterations, and use of commercial patterns. 

    Concentrator A for 10th grade, will cover a comprehensive overview of the textiles, apparel, andmerchandising industry specific to fashion related goods including the nature of fashion, raw materials and production, designers, retailers, and supporting services. 

    Concentrator B for 11th grade, will focus on the study of textiles concerning firber, yarn, fabric construction, and finishes that will affect the selection, use, and care of textiles.   

    Finally for 12th grade this course will conclude with the Capstone that will study the evolution of the Western dress from ancient times to the twentieth century.  Emphasis on representative style and change over time.  Additionally this course will focus on the identification of physical features which affect apparel quality.  Analysis of ready-to-wear apparel to identify features which produce desirable aesthetics and functional performance is also covered.