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    This is for when you are Absent . Please provide your name and the date that you missed at the top of each paper.

    Your assignment is to write a 1 page ( At least 300 words) paper about any topic pertaining to sports, health or physical fitness. This can include athletes, injuries, exercises, etc.. You will be given a grade on your paper for the content covered, length and overall presentation. That grade will then be given in place of your daily points for the day that you were sick. This work must be completed on your own time and turned in the day of Or the following School day. THIS MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS! We will not inform you of the work that is due. If you miss, you need to take it upon yourself to complete the work. *

    Submit using a Google doc make sure to include the date for the absence. one for each day.
    you will turn in all of your make up work in on google classroom for your teacher


Last Modified on May 23, 2024