• Classroom Policies

    1. Act in a manner that is beneficial to the group and does not hinder the band from reaching its fullest potential. You are expected to conduct yourself as a role model and respect each member of the choir. No bullying will be tolerated.

    2. Be prepared! Bring your necessary materials (agenda book, folder, music, pencils, etc) to class every day! If materials are not brought, you will lose all participation points for that day.

    3. Be responsible! Rehearsal time is important. Be in your seat with your necessary materials by 2 minutes after the bell has rung.

    4. Be respectful of one another and one another’s property. If it is not yours, leave it alone.

    5. Be safe! Do not let your actions endanger anyone else.

    6. Sing/talk only when instructed to do so. This means NO talking while the director is teaching or rehearsing another section.

    7. Leave the choir room in the same condition as you found it. Pick up after yourself, which means putting away materials and picking up trash.

    8. Take care of your own folder and its contents. If you are going to take your folder home you must sign it out on the folder sign out sheet.

    9. Gum, candy, food, soft drinks and the like are to be left outside of the choir room. If you bring them in, they will be thrown away. However, WATER is encouraged. Continued violation of this policy will result in a lunch detention.

    10. If you are ill and cannot sing, you must talk to the director BEFORE class.

    11. Cell phones, headphones and portable music players are to be put away and used only before and after class. Violation of this will result in zero participation points for the day as well as a write up and the phone being taken away.

    *I reserve the right to dismiss any student who chooses not to follow the policies stated above. 


    Grading Procedure

    Grading Policy:

    Below is the grading procedure with the appropriate description of requirements and expectations for each element.

    35% Performances: There will be several performance opportunities throughout the year. We will spend the majority of class time preparing for these concerts and events. Students will be graded on punctuality, participation and concert etiquette. Concerts are the equivalent of tests for a music class and are therefore mandatory. (See attendance policy)

    30% Singing tests: Students will be assigned portions of their music to sing for a grade. The grading rubric is available upon request.

    20% Participation: Students will receive up to 10 points weekly for effort and interaction. Students shouldn’t have a problem receiving all points on a daily basis if they are engaged, come prepared to learn and are making every effort to improve. I reserve the right to remove any student from choir who is continually being disruptive or detrimental to the learning environment.

    15% Class assessments: Written tests and quizzes will be assigned throughout the year on musical terminology and theory. There will be a written final administered at the end of each semester covering content taught in class.

    *All High School students will be Required to participate in Solo & Ensemble this year in some fashion. Students who do not wish to compete at the official event may opt to participate in the solo ensemble night at Edison on January 23rd. Failure to do so will result in the deduction of half a letter grade from the students overall semester grade.

    *Extra Credit: Students will have opportunities throughout the school year to earn extra points to boost their grade. I will inform the students of such opportunities as they arise.

    A: 90-100
    B: 80-89
    C: 70-79
    D: 60-69
    F: 59 or below

Last Modified on August 19, 2018