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    Tips & Tricks to Encourage Reading
    from SSR with Intervention: A School Library Action Research Project by Leslie B. Preddy
    Help your adolescent increase his or her chances of success in high school and beyond by building a family of readers.
    How to encourage an adolescent to read:
    • Make regular visits to the public library and bookstores/sales
    • Encourage your child to have reading material with him/her wherever s/he goes
    • Read aloud and discuss what you think before, during, and after reading an interesting passage from newspapers, magazines, Web sites, books, and other reading material
    • Help your child build a home library - a bookshelf containing fiction and nonfiction of personal interest
    • Encourage your child to read, or read together, at least 15 minutes every day
    • Allow your child to have some choice about what s/he reads, but participate in reading discussion - sharing thoughts, ideas, and opinions
    • Allow your child to reread things s/he enjoyed reading previously
    • Allow your child to stop reading something that is not keeping his/her interest
    STAR Reading & STAR Math
    The purpose of the STAR assessments is to provide information to teachers and administrators about student growth and achievement in grades 6-12. Students take the assessments, and they are scored automatically by the software. Teachers and administrators are able to view and print a reports at the individual, classroom, and grade level in order to monitor progress. Teachers can then tailor instruction to individuals and to high-stakes testing requirements.

    Each assessment provides estimates of students' skills and comparisons of students' abilities to national norms. Each is intended to aid with developing curriculum and instruction by providing feedback about student, classroom, and grade level progress. The software reports grade equivalents, percentile ranks, and normal curve equivalents.

    The purpose of STAR Reading is to assess student reading skills. The assessment provides an approximate measure of each student’s reading level.


    The purpose of STAR Math is to assess student mathematics skills. The assessment provides an approximate measure of each student’s math level.
    Accelerated Reader
    Accelerated Reader (AR) tests students over books that they choose.  With over 133,000 quizzes, AR gives students a huge selection of books!
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